Welcome, Adventurer, to

Haerod’s Hired Heroes adventuring guild!


The continent of Alvandia is an exciting land of adventure, ripe with opportunity for the hungry adventurer in search of fortune or service! At Haerod’s, we take in Adventurers that show potential for greatness!

Heroes with less than favorable pasts are also welcome at Haerod’s! The method to which a problem is solved is left to the discretion of the adventurer and their group, as long as Haerod get’s his cut.

  • Big or small; Haerod’s hired them all!
  • Arcane to Divine; find excitement at any time!
  • Lawful Good? Pelor approved!
  • Chaotic Neutral? Bounty by the trunkful!

Here at Haerod’s, the clients’ need is all that matters! Sign up today and make your coin purse fatter!

Haerod's Hired Heroes